Facebook marketing for small businesses

How Facebook Marketing For Small Businesses Can Help You Improve Your Business

Do you have any business?

The main goal of any business is to get more customers and increase sales.

In this article you will find how Facebook marketing for small businesses will help you to improve your sales.  

To reach more customers, we promote our business through various channels. It includes Newspaper ads, Pamphlets, Brochures and TV commercials for promotion.

But day by day the cost of the traditional marketing is increasing.

So are you searching for an easy and cost effective method to promote your local business?

Then you came to the right place.

A lot of big and small businesses are using Facebook advertising as their marketing channel.

So, let’s find out why a lot of businesses are using Facebook advertising to reach their business goal.


1. Small business needs an online presence to raise brand awareness

In this digital era, a lot of people depend on online to search for products and services.

In a recent study about “Understanding Consumers’ Local Search Behaviour” by Google, People are using smartphones and tabs to find stores, business hours and directions.

So it became necessary for any business to be present online to reach more customers.

So how you can present your business on online without any website?

You can achieve this through your Facebook business page.

So, Facebook marketing for small businesses helps you to increase your brand awareness among the people through online.

If anyone searching for products and services related to your business, then your business page gets displayed on the search result.

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2. Reach more people and get more sales with Facebook advertising

Facebook is the largest social network with 69 million people.

As per the 2016 reports, Facebook has 142 million users and it would increase to 254.89 million in the year 2018. As of the time goes, Facebook users are increasing day-by-day.

Through the Facebook advertising, it’s easy to reach and connect more customers who are near to your business’ location.

So it helps you to reach your potential customers and get more sales.

3. Facebook marketing for small businesses: needs minimum budget

Facebook marketing for small business cost is cheaper than the traditional marketing.

You all are know that day by day the cost of the traditional marketing is growing. So you need more budget to reach more people.

But with Facebook marketing you can reach your potential customers with lowest budget.

You can start your Facebook campaign in a very thin budget ($1 for the day).

But it depends on a number of factors like your business type, goals and audience you are targeting etc.

Depending on the performance of campaign, you can increase or decrease your budget.

So Facebook advertising helps you to reduce your marketing budget.

4. Facebook advertising helps you build real relationships with your customers

The success of any business depends on trust and relationship with the customers.

Traditional marketing is only one way communication. There is no way to communicate with your customers.

But how to build relationship among the new customers?

But, Facebook marketing for small businesses is a two way communication. So you can build trust and relationship among the people, even though they are not your customers.

You will get feedback on your products and services at your business page. If there is any problem the you can take immediate steps to resolve those issues.

So, it helps you build real relationships with your potential customers. It leads to trust and brand reputation among the people.

So that they buy today, come back tomorrow and tell others about your brand. Which leads to more customers and more sales.

5. Facebook Target Marketing

Another important feature of the Facebook advertising is target marketing.

Here you can target your ads to a single town or city. So, that you can show your Ad to the people who will be able to walk or drive to your store.

Another important targeting option is Facebook Custom Audience. By using the custom audience feature you can segregate your audience.

You can segregate your audience based on their interest, age, gender and location.

Later you can target these individual segments of people with specific Facebook ads. So that you can get better results.

The advertising format for local business has different features.

It allows you to include your store location map, directions to your store, call now button with the ad. So that customers can reach your business without any difficulty.

6. Facebook ad performance report

In traditional marketing, how you can measure the performance of your campaign?

How you can say which campaign has given better result?

There is no such type of metrics in traditional marketing.

But in Facebook advertising you can measure the performance of your campaign.

By using Facebook ad Performance & Reporting Section you can generate your campaign report.

It has many metrics to analyse the performance of your campaign. Like

How many people your ad reached?

How many people saw your campaign?

How they are responding to your campaign?

What are their characteristics like age, gender, location?


With the help of these reports, you can compare different campaigns.

Then you can decide which ad is performing well and you can stop or alter the campaigns for better results.

But it is not possible in traditional marketing.


We are not saying that stop all traditional marketing activities and use Facebook Adverting only for your business.

As per the Facebook own statistics, Facebook user spends at least 1 hour per day at Facebook. So Facebook marketing for small business enable you to reach more customers.

Either your business is small or big and what type of business you have, start Facebook marketing.
To do that you don’t need any amount.

Create a Facebook business page for your business with all your details. Then share your business offers, event promotions through that page.

In this way you can grab the attention of the more customers.

Later you can use Facebook advertising to promote your local business to get more sales.

If you want, you can create your own Facebook adverts to promote your business. Otherwise, consult any Facebook marketing agency for small businesses for better result.

So, what is your opinion on Facebook marketing for small businesses? Is is helpful for small businesses? Share your ideas Below

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